St. Patrick's Day - Sean McGillick’s Night Out

A dear friend and fellow chef, Larry Bowen, wrote a book several years ago and he was kind enough to share this chapter with me before he passed away.

Memoirs from culinary apprentices who lived and worked together at the Buck Hill Inn,
Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania—
Their legendary tales and recipes.

Chapter Seven
Sean McGillick’s Night Out,
An Everglades Bar Story

I was never one to drink much on the designated drinking holidays such as New Year’s Eve, St. Paddy’s Day or Mardi Gras. As a general rule most hard drinkers, professional drunks and lushes, of whom I was one, are prone to avoid the rabble on such occasions. St. Paddy’s Day is a prime example. Bars are overrun with people who generally don’t drink; and, because most of these people choose to drink in excess of their normal limit at these times, things have a tendency to quickly get out of hand....Read the rest of this story