Fudge Tarts

Chocolate cream cheese pastry dough ready to be pressed out in the tartlet molds.

Pans being filled with a chocolate fudge & macadamia nut filling....I know what you're thinking, "Where's the picture after they're baked?", I turned my back and they all got eaten, sorry.

Southern Fried Pie

Fried Apple Pie
Cinnamon ice cream, rum-raisin sauce

Alicante Spain

My friend and former co-worker, Chef Michael Pallante, lives in Alicante Spain. Michael is a currently writing a book. He sent me these photo's and information.

Roasted veggies...2 kinds of tomatoes, olives grown just outside, eggplant, bonito (tuna), onions, peppers, celery.

Escarole empanada, quail eggs on sun dried tomato

Paella with rabbit, peppers, garbanzos, garlic and lemon

On our way up the mountain, we came across a sign 'abejas attencion'...this means beware of the bees...here was their hives, you could hear them zooming all around. They take their honey seriously here, but I'm not sure the name of the flower they are using at this spot.

What The Doctor Ordered - Warm Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake
Hazelnut ice cream