Cheese Goodness

Beef & Bleu Fondue

Maytag bleu cheese melted with white wine and braised beef shortrib. Cubed bread, apple slices and rosemary steak frites.

David Chang Ramen

In October I was inspired by David Chang and his new magazine Lucky Peach, so I recently experimented with alkaline noodles and did a post about it. One of the best cooking shows I've recently seen is The Mind of a Chef. Here is the full version of episode #1 provided by PBS, which mirrors the Lucky Peach Magazine version #1. This video will send you out the door looking for a great bowl of noodles, I guarantee it !

Lucky Peach is a must have quarterly magazine for all foodies, and in case you didn't know, issue #1 is selling on Amazon for anywhere between $150.00 used (plus shipping) and $995.00 (free shipping).

Street Food of Mexico

Here's a few street food pictures of tacos as I traveled through the back roads of Quintana Roo last week between Cancun and Tulum. Dig the cloths pins hanging tickets on the "Wheel".....Love it! Just keeping it simple, fresh and delicious.

Check Back In a Couple of Months

Spring is the season of great expectations. Heirloom tomato ideas are now beginning....