Girl & The Goat

Girl & The Goat Restaurant, Chicago, Chef Stephanie Izard

Chickpea fritters
Caponata . green chickpeas . crave brother's mozzarella

Squash butter

Goat liver mousse
Pickled rhubarb . blackberry mustarda . crumpets

Wood oven roasted pig face
Sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . red wine-maple . potato stix

Chef - the movie

If you haven't seen Chef yet it's a really good movie, I give it 3 knives up!

Crisp Batard Loaf

15 hour poolish,  20 minute autolyse,  30 minute mix,  3 hour ferment,  3 turns,  15 minute pre-shape, 1 hour post-form. You may not use this info but great bread is universal.

The Crouton Arts

Is there anything more beautiful or satisfying....taking scraps of leftover bread and turning them into crunchy golden croutons?

I know, they're just croutons, but making perfect croutons is an underrated art. Perfect crispness, even browning, rotating and turning while cooking......You have to babysit the process until you achieve the vision desired