Ahi Tuna "Nachos"

Simple, Fresh Flavors
Wontons, seared tuna, avocado, cilantro, lime, wasabi mayo, kecap manis

Some Ideas Need Time To Evolve

It's interesting to connect the dots and see how an idea starts and ends, well, it actually never ends, it's always a static idea subject to further change by myself or someone unknown, someone who takes it in a whole different direction. I like the idea of constant movement, it might be uneasy for some not having finality, but if there were finality we might never taste great things, we would just settle.

About 5 years ago I ate at Daniel Boulud's restaurant, Café Boulud, in Palm beach. I had some chickpea fries. Great idea, I stored it away. I was eating Poutine at Salt House in San Francisco and was still thinking about the chickpea fries, somehow fries and gravy had an opportunity.

If you've followed my blog you might remember a post I did called Doritos Jenga, it was about the extension of the chickpea fries and the mad path of ideas and development. Still, the idea and convergence of ideas was still very much in motion.

In some recent menu development many ideas came together!

crisp dorito “fries", Carniceria Lupita chorizo gravy with serrano chiles


Green Chile & Chorizo Mac and Cheese

SERIOUSLY! This is absolutely over the top!

Serrano chile, local chorizo from Carniceria Lupita, abundance of cheese, ancho breadcrumbs, pico de gallo, and cilantro! baked in a 500 degree oven until "Volcanic"