Wierd Dream

I don’t know what dreams mean. Maybe I'm just screwed up, but I had this dream last night that seemed to go on for hours. I hate the look of perfectly rounded scoops of mashed potatoes. Although it's the ultimate portioning device it reminds me of school lunch room food, and then the tunes of Lunch Land Lady by Adam Sandler start playing in my head, "Woke up in the morning. Put on my new plastic glove. Served some re-heated salisbury steak with a little slice of love."

So, back to the dream. I was in a kitchen somewhere and threw away all the scoops and proceeded to teach some cooks how to spoon potatoes onto the plate, but the spoons kept turning out to be perfectly rounded scoops of potatoes. I tried spooning them in sideways, like a side-arm pitch but they were still round. I tried holding the spoon above the plate and letting gravity do its work, but as the potatoes dropped onto the plate they formed into perfect round mounds. I went through 100 pounds of potatoes, this went on for eternity. I was raging mad, throwing dishes through the kitchen, screaming, it got violent.

I know Dr. Phil would probably say the perfectly rounded scoops of potatoes represent conformity and my desire to do otherwise makes me a nonconformist. The analysis for the tunes playing in my head would probably indicate some sort of serious disorder. "Dan, did the potatoes speak to you ?, did they tell you to throw plates ? As a child were you afraid of Mr. Potato Head ?" As a side note, doesn't Mr. Potato head look exactly like Dr. Phil?