Match Made In Heaven

An interesting selection of ice creams paired with an equally impressive selection of brownie pops.

How can you pass up Chick-O-Stick ice cream or Pancake-Maple-Bacon ice cream? These are only a few of the sub-zero selections....

WAIT, you're not done yet!, you must have some brownie pops to eat with your frozen formulation. The flavors are abundant and still growing, like Whoppers Malted Milk Ball, Junior Mint, Mexican "Hot Chocolate" with Cayenne & Cracker Jacks, and Dulce De Leche with Sea Salt to name a few, we actually have nine different dark chocolate addictions on a stick.

Show a little self control when confronted with the task of building your own mix-n-match dessert selection. If you lack discipline this "Match Made In Heaven" will quickly turn into a sinful affair, and just for the record, I'm on the sinful side of the equation because I just had a 2x3 (2 ice creams and 3 brownie pops)