Thanksgiving on a Bun

It really is ashamed that turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce got labeled as food you traditionally only prepare once a year. It's not just me, most people I talk to also crave this flavor combination all year but they feel like there's some sort of clandestine authority controlling the days where it's socially acceptable to prepare the feast......I mean Jeez! someone might frown upon you making this combo of goodness on any other day than Thanksgiving.

My solution to this paradigm isn't to do a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. I just want all of those familiar flavors, so I made "Thanksgiving on a Bun".

It was absolutely everything I wanted. As I ate it a thought crossed my mind, why is it so satisfying to eat with your hands? especially something that always requires a full set of serving and eating utensils. Maybe this year for Thanksgiving dinner I will remove the silverware from the table.

Unhinge your jaw Pilgrim!

Grilled turkey burger, crispy stuffing, cranberry mayo, and gravy