We Need To Step It Up!

If you go to Cancun Mexico and stay in the "Hotel Zone" you might want to get away to see some other areas. Take the #2 city bus for 8 pesos to downtown. There's some pretty great markets and food to experience there. This post will surprise you because it's assumedly a somewhat mundane trip down aisle's of predictability, plus you already have a comparable to benchmark it against.

Pictured below is a traditional vertical rotisserie called a trompo for making tacos al pastor. The trompo is used to stack marinated pork with pineapple and onions. The meat is sliced off very much like making shawarma. The sliced meat is transferred to a hot griddle where its briefly crisped and placed in a warm corn tortilla with some onion and cilantro.

So here's the comparable I was talking about....This is at Walmart! Precio Bajo! Check out the picture of mole, this was one of 12 different moles they offered. The last picture is the fresh egg selection, unrefrigerated like most of the world.

There was also a huge bakery with 50-60 different types of traditional Mexican baked goods. A great selection of conchas,  bolillos, empanadas, crispy feite, flans, and churros. The best part about the bakery was that none of the items were pre-packaged, you are simply handed a tray and a pair of tongs to go through the bakery and pick what you want instead of buying a dozen of one item.

We need to step it up, when I go to Walmart here in the states I now want the aromas of real cooking, the variety of local flavors and farm fresh eggs.