Test Tube Hamburger

There are things that make you pause and wonder if we are evolving as upright mammals. Last week I saw abdominal Spanx for men in the department store, that made me pause, if you overeat while wearing your new slimming Spanx will you explode?

Recently I read an article in the New York Times on a test tube engineered hamburger, this also made me pause. Are you serious? Escoffier is rolling over in his grave and Einstein is smiling!

MAASTRICHT, the Netherlands
As a gastronomic delicacy, the five-ounce hamburger that Mark Post has painstakingly created here surely will not turn any heads. But Dr. Post is hoping that it will change some minds. The burger was created at phenomenal cost — 250,000 euros, or about $325,000 dollars.
The burger consists of about 20,000 thin strips of cultured muscle tissue. Dr. Post, who has conducted some informal taste tests, said that even without any fat, the tissue “tastes reasonably good.” For the London event he plans to add only salt and pepper.

Not exactly the dollar menu but I'm sure someone will pull up to the laboratory drive through window...."I'll take a the Stem Cell Vitro Burger with cheese, hold the onions"

From a culinary perspective I'd like to know if it's engineered towards being 80/20, ground chuck, Wagyu, Kobe, or some mystery frozen burger puck.