An American Place

Since the mid-1980’s, Larry Forgione’s name has rarely been mentioned in the press without “The Godfather of American Cuisine” tacked onto the end of it. The Italian American Forgione didn’t acquire his Mafioso-like designation by sending bloody heads of dead animals to competing chefs, unless you count an occasional generous delivery of free-range chickens to some close chef friends. About twenty years ago food writer John Mariani wrote that if James Beard was the Father of American cuisine, Forgione was certainly the Godfather.

New York Restaurant Insider
Matt DeLucia
January 1, 2008

Lemoncello and mint ceviche
fresh seafood with a cucumber and red onion relish

Housemade rootbeer glazed ribs
grilled red onions, blue corn fritters

Grilled sweet corn bisque
chive creme fraiche, jumbo lump crabmeat, shaved jicama salad

Trio of rabbit
smothered leg, sage sausage with cherry compote, oil poached loin and dirty rice

Shrimp and grits
ramp green grits, mushroom stuffed trotter, cardinale sauce

Prarie Grass farm lamb duo
grilled eggplant, berbere, crimson lentils, phyllo wrapped shoulder

Tasting of American Farmstead Cheese

Dark chocolate tart
caramel, hazelnut oil, vanilla ice cream

Summer berry pudding
apple saba, honey sorbet, basil seed tuile

Caramel roasted apricots
peach butter, sweet pie crust, peach leaf ice cream