Kentucky Proud

I've been working on Low Country cuisine recipes and I've been graced with some fantastic products from Kentucky. There's a cool group called Kentucky Proud that works hard to get these local products into restaurants, it's been pretty great working with them. This is a fraction of what I've used during recipe development, there's also been great hams, Kenny's Farmhouse White Cheddar, and so much more! Here's a sampling of few items they represent.

From Top Left to Right

Broadbent's Country Bacon, Kuttawa Kentucky
You know it's REAL bacon, the way it was made 100 years ago, when the label says "No Refrigeration Required".

Weisenberger Mills White Stone Ground Grits, Midway Kentucky
These are some of the best grits made with non GMO corn grown in Hardin County Kentucky at the Rogers Farm.

Bourbon Barrel Foods, Louisville Kentucky
If you haven't heard of this soy sauce it's a must have. They make it with non GMO Kentucky grown soybeans and pure limestone filtered spring water. It's brewed and aged in used bourbon barrels and the barrels are only used once. It's a true micro brew, each bottle has a handwritten batch number and bottle number.

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar!
After the bourbon barrels are used once for the soy sauce they are used to smoke different items.

Kentuckyaki Sauce
That's not a typo!

Smoked Sea Salt
This is a great finish for steaks, pork, butter, caramel sauce....... I could go one endlessly!