Shatto Farms

We're busy exploring several new ideas such as; sourcing local products, heirloom vegetables and organics to name a few. These are not simple objectives even for an independent restaurateur, but getting your head wrapped around doing these things on a nation wide basis isn't easy.....but we're no stranger to taking the road less travel, it's what we do and it's always been pretty damn exciting. With those thoughts on our minds, we arranged to tour the Shatto Milk Company today, our guide was Leroy Shatto. Leroy is a "Milk Artisan", the milkmeister is an unwavering fanatic about quality and his passion shows through in every bottle of milk, pound of butter and gallon of ice cream.

Shatto Milk Company is a small, family owned and operated, dairy farm located just north of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The family has been farming there for more than 100 years and began a dairy farm more than 60 years ago. In June 2003 the family began processing their own milk on the farm. They decided to bottle their own milk for the purpose of providing their customers with the freshest and best tasting dairy products possible.

Shatto Milk Company products can be described by one simple statement that they have adopted as their motto, MILK AT ITS FINEST. They go to great lengths to insure that the products they sell are truly the freshest and best tasting.

  • The milk sold by Shatto Milk Company comes from cows not treated with rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH).**
  • Shatto Milk comes only from the cows located on the family farm.
  • Shatto Milk can be from the cow to the store in as little as 12 hours.

Leroy Shatto

The bottling line

Milking stalls

Myself feeding the calves

Twins that were born yesterday

Jen getting the milking tutorial

Natalie too

Love this sign over the calves pens