Food of Spain II - Michael Pallante

My friend and former co-worker (Test Kitchen mad scientist), Chef Michael Pallante, lives and works in Alicante Spain. Michael is the chef at Senzone at the Hospes Amerigo in Alicante. He sent me these photo's and information.

Caramelized apple with foie center, almonds, foie ice cream and bizcocho (cookie). Senzone at the Hospes Amerigo (a dessert on my menu)

Arroz con leche, espuma of white chocolate, lemon ice cream, tuille Senzone

This place in the barrio of Alicante is so good, only 5 tables inside and another 5 outside..... The salad was phenomenal....pomegranite seeds, bulgher wheat.... Very tasty sweet lemon vin

Same place and yes that is sweet succulent tagine at its finest