Citizen Cake

Citizen Cake, and Falkner in particular, are known for their original and creative cake designs.

As Star Chefs describes her cakes:

"Three-dimensional cakes, off-center cakes, cakes with sugar shards jutting from them, a caramelized sugar teeter-totter balancing equal rounds of fruit sorbet and crème fraîche. Cakes shaped like the Guggenheim Museum. Avant-garde pastry. Dessert artist Elizabeth Falkner takes these artistically inspired visions dancing in her head and transforms them into culinary delights. "It is not my tendency to make anything round," she says, and her cakes are anything but. Topped with her signature explosion of sugar spirals, pulled sugar ribbons and fruit tuiles, Elizabeth Falkner’s dessert creations have become the talk of the pastry world."

She was commissioned to make a cake for the California Museum of Art, as well as a cake for Sharon Stone's birthday. She often makes cakes that seem to defy gravity and uses unique ingredients such as pepper, anise, passion fruit, pears, and kumquats. Her desserts have equally unique names such as "A Chocolate Work Orange," "Get Ready Cake," "After Midnight Chocolate Cake," "Bleeding Heart," and "Tropical ShaFalkner is also known for her sugar art.

From Star Chefs:

"She uses an ultrafine baker’s sugar to create her signature pulled sugar ribbons, roses, cages, spirals and tuiles. Stalactites of sugar, teetering sugar shards, sweet hard and soft meringues. Glistening, colorful--they make you stop and look and gaze with awe before taking that first bite."

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After midnight chocolate cake

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