Bon Appetit - the mother lode

This was fate. The other day I went up to the recycling bin to drop off some items. When I looked inside the dumpster I saw all of these leather bound versions of Bon Appetit. So I shamelessly did the dumpster dive. Each book has an entire year of the original magazine. They range from 1973 to 1990, they're absolutely priceless in my eyes but refuse to someone else. I shot a few photos of the magazines from the 70's, they're an absolute hoot, a total flashback.

The beginning of chef endorsements. Chef Randy looks like a very serious chef....or a psychopathic killer. What is that, Steak Diane for a table of 12? Rule of thumb - never eat anything bigger than your head.

Trout Meuniere, Chef Nick reveals his secret. Love that kale garnish. Your hats crooked dude, so is chef Randy's.

Julia throwing down the Choulibiac

What the hell...cheese cubes?, served on plates designed to look like foliage. There's a 1/2 pound of cheese on each plate. This is part of a six course dinner!

"Surprise" being the key word here. A "Savory Surprise" instead of just a regular surprise. What exactly is "Imaginative Flavors", This is really starting to sound like SPAM.

Soup'N Crackers, what a novel idea. The soup crock inside of what appears to be a dog food dish is a nice touch.

A fully loaded Thunderbird for under 6K. That means you'll have plenty of extra money for delicacies such as Steak Diane, Trout Meuniere and Stuffed Meats.

The public education of beef begins, there's a whole lot more than hambuger going on here.

A new movie debuts starring George Segal and Jacqueline Bisset, Who's Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe? I've seen it twice, if you haven't you should. Each chef is murdered by their specialty, the pastry chef is killed from being stuffed into the oven, etc. As the murders continue every chef insists they're going to be murdered next, their ego's are bruised when a fellow chef is killed instead of them.

Dream on baby, if you're drinking Florio you've hit rock bottom. If you've been drinking it for 15 nights it's probably time for rehab.

The forerunner to the mini van. But wait, what's going on here? Someones moving out, or being kicked out....with a French horn and a parrot in a bird cage. "Get the hell outa here and take that damn bird with you!...and the French horn too, you suck at it, your mother and I didn't want to hurt your feelings but all the cards are on the table now". My advise in a situation like this is, sell the French horn and buy a French knife then practice your knife skills on that damn bird, and then go ask Chef Randy for a job.

This is not food related but it's just damn strange. Put on the tights and two sets of leg warmers, go to the health club, do your cardio or whatever they called it in the 70's.......then take a break and light up a cig??