Zuni Cafe

Fodor's Review:

After one bite of chef Judy Rodgers' succulent brick-oven-roasted whole chicken with Tuscan bread salad, you'll understand why she's a national star. Food is served here on two floors; the rabbit warren of rooms on the second level includes a balcony overlooking the main dining room. The crowd is a disparate mix that reflects the make-up of the city: casual and dressy, young and old, hip and staid. At the long copper bar, trays of briny-fresh oysters on the half shell are dispensed along with cocktails and wine. The southern French-Italian menu changes daily (though the signature chicken, prepared for two, is a fixture). Rotating dishes include house-cured anchovies with Parmigiano-Reggiano, risotto with sorrel and prosciutto, and grilled duck breast with radicchio and sweet potatoes. Desserts are simple and satisfying and include crumbly crusted tarts and an addictive cream-laced coffee granita.

Proscuitto di San Daniele with wild nettle crostini, pecorino sardo, black pepper

Bowl of polenta with mascarpone

Spinach and green garlic soup with extra virgin olive oil and croutons

House cured anchovies with celery, parmesan and nicoise olives

Pizza with mozzarella, fresh asiago, pancetta, asparagus, and black pepper

Shoestring potatoes

Roasted chicken with warm tuscan salad, olive oil, vinegar, currants and wild greens