NYC Dining

Time to refocus and re-energize. In the next week I'll be visiting and posting on the following restaurants with photos, menu descriptions and hopefully kitchen tours. I've chosen to focus on the styles of four different chefs and eat at one or more of their restaurants.

I didn't choose these restaurants because they've achieved multiple stars or because the chefs have celebrity status, this is all very insignificant to me. I made these choices because these four chefs are proven innovators, and more importantly, they have changed with the times. They embrace the challenge and manage to stay ahead of the curve, way ahead.

This has always been our goal, to stay out front, to break new ground and keep moving forward. Some people or companies consider it risky to operate ahead of the curve, it scares them to death. There seems to be a disturbingly popular trend in being a follower or just cloning development. We on the other hand have always strived to make the waves, take the risks and reap the rewards.

Currently the evolutionary food cycle is on fast forward, ingredients and cooking techniques evolve much faster then they did only a few years ago, therefore you need to be nimble and not get hooked on the idea that "You Have Arrived" at an ideal place with cooking or menus. The reality is that you will never "Arrive", the world of cooking is infinite, it's one long trip without a true final destination. I mean, how boring would it be to wake up one morning and concluded you indeed had "Arrived"?

Here's my schedule.

Chef Daniel Boulud - Daniel {and} db Bistro Moderne.

Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten - Jean Georges {and} JoJo.

Chef Eric Ripert - Le Bernadin.

Chef Mario Batali - Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca {and} Otto Enoteca