Food of Provence

Dianne sent me the pictures from Spain but she also sent me these pictures and notes from France.

Trust me when i tell you that you would sell your own mother for a
bite of this tomato tart.

Olives at a Provence market
That's my friend Kevin and I contemplating our choices, while the
French gal just digs in. I seriously don't understand why we don't
have this kind of choice here.

Green Pea Gazpacho with Garlic Sorbet
You are just forced to LOVE the french. This was amazing. It was at a no big deal place we stopped at for lunch. Cheese tray and dessert sampler to follow. I repeat - this is a no big deal place. The normal, working french person in Provence eats this food.

Cheese and dessert in Provence
So I show you the casual nature of the cheese tray because it is just laying around presuming that you will eat it. It is not the big over the top deal we make of it here. And the dessert sampler? this came after we told them we didn't want any dessert. This came with the check!

This is the same restaurant where we ordered the green pea gazpacho - for our main we ordered ahi tuna and we couldn't finish it because we were getting full and wanted to save room for cheese. We told the waiter that he could remove our plates and he refused! He said he couldn't bring that much food back to the kitchen or the chef would be upset. He told us to repose until we were hungry again and then we could finish. What was our hurry anyway? indeed! another glass of champagne please!

Stuffed Zucchini Blossom
I know I know you've eaten a million stuffed blossoms, but this one was truly special. We had this as part of a tasting menu at a restaurant in St. Remy de Provence. The restaurant is called Maison Jaune and it was all fabulous, but this was the stand out due to the fact that they bypassed the cheese all together and stuffed the blossom with the tiniest dice of veggies. The second pic is better than the first. such a bummer many of my food shots are blurry or even blurrier than the first one. guess my camera was on the wrong setting. more to come.

Different things at a market in Provence
Check this out - gigantic pans of paella and cockles...they serve
these at all of the markets in Provence.

Sausage display at Provence market