The Food of Spain

My foodie sister just returned from Barcelona. Below are some quick notes from her. NOTE TO SISTER - send pictures soon.

Notes From Dianne:

We just returned from Barcelona and Provence and boy oh boy do we have some stories and pics for you! Our stand out meal was at Moo in Barcelona (1 star Michelin) - the most inventive food i have ever eaten. Foie Gras stuffed cherries in a port wine sauce was outstanding and probably the tamest thing they served. There was also a "golden egg" which was gold spun sugar shell that when you cracked it open a raw egg was inside and when you broke it, it mixed with the nest underneath which was an unusual combo of flavors one of them being CORN NUTS! There's another one I can't even describe - it looked like a white box - when you cut into it it turns out it is thin sheets of goat cheese encasing tart green apple gelato. I kept the menu so I can make you a copy.

We went to a million good restaurants there. The barcelonians are very inventive with their yummy food. Outstanding tapas everywhere you go. A real foody city.

Then in provence, tapenade, olives, roast chicken, cheese, breads - we ate alot of food from t he markets and went to a few outstanding restaurants. One is called Chez Bru - Bistrot d'Eygalieres. Another WOW. It was a two star. It is good to get out there and see what other people are doing!