Kona Kampachi Poke

Like hamachi (yellowtail), Kona Kampachi is a premium fish worthy of the most discriminating sushi bar, but with even more rich, buttery flavor and a firmer texture. As delicious as it is raw, however, cooking is where Kona Kampachi really excels. Firm flesh and a high-fat content make it suitable for virtually any cooking method, from gentle steaming to high-heat searing, and its subtly rich, pure flavor complements a variety of different culinary styles, simple and straightforward or spicy and complex.

Kona Kampachi is harvested only when it's ordered to ensure the ultimate in freshness and is available on a year-round basis.

Whole Fish - this is a great place to start ideation, buy the best damn fish, put it on the cutting board, and say what next?.....I mean how could you go wrong, this fish is so fresh it smells like watermelon.

Kampachi Poke - Derek concludes that the fish is so fresh we shouldn't bother cooking it.

Kampachi poke, black Hawaiian sea salt, togarashi, sweet soy, wakame